You can feel safe allowing me to be your advertising, marketing, design and print departments all in one. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

I have experience in
  • print design
  • web design
  • identity/branding
  • logo design
  • and vinyl lettering
If you have a project and want to know if it's something I handle, please contact me. If it's not something I am familiar with, I will help to lead you to someone you can work with.
what is print design?

Simply put print design includes anything that you can have printed. Some common examples are advertisements, brochures, bussiness cards, t-shirts, forms and flyers. From the largest to the smallest job, I can help you create something that will give you measurable results.

what is web design?

Web design can be as simple as creating a look and feel for your web site, to creating the working site.

Lots of web hosting sites now give you the option to use one of their templates to make your site. Why choose a one size fits all template that doesnt really fit your product or service? Contact me and we can create the perfect site for you.

what is identity/branding?

Your logo is not the same as your brand or your identity. These three items work together to form an image of your product or service.

The dictionary defines brand as to impress indelibly. This makes sense when you apply it to your product or service brand as well. Your brand is the perceived emotional personality of your company and can leave an indelible impression on your customers.

Your identity is actually a group of guidelines used to apply your logo. Usually including approved fonts, colors and sizes to be used in all your marketing. Using these guidelines in everything you do, makes sure to keep your company recognizable and keeps your brand or "personality" portrayed correctly every time.

Your logo is the actual mark or icon that is used to identify your product or service.

what makes good logo design?

Below are the 5 principlas of good logo design according to Jacob Cass
An effective logo should be
  • memborable
  • simple
  • timeless
  • versatile
  • and appropriate
A good logo should be simple. When a logo is simple it will be versatile and easily used in many applications. This also helps to make a logo memoriable. A well designed logo will stand the test of time and you will not need to be updated. And finally, your logo should be appropriate to your product or service. If you are selling toys or products for children then bright colors and childlike fonts are perfect. But those same choices wont work for a bank.

what is vinyl lettering?

Make your vehicle a moving billboard! Using vinyl to put your logo and company information on your vehicle is a cheap and effective way to advertise 24 hours a day.

Vinyl lettering is also frequently used for naming or putting registration numbers on your boat and making banners and signs. Check out my vinyl page for samples.