design agencies vs. freelance designers
There are many points to consider when deciding if a freelance designer or an agency is better for your project. Which one works the best often depends on the company, client and the relationship you want to have with your designer. In this article published in January 2009, David Airey, explores the reasons to choose one or the other.

"When a client works with a graphic design agency, instead of a freelance designer, the choice can offer many benefits, but it's not a one-way street. Here I outline the advantages of relationships with one over the other.

As every freelancer and design agency is different, it's impossible to cover all the advantages...

It's also worth noting there's a certain amount of overlap. For instance, my first reason for choosing an agency is because they're well-versed in dealing with large accounts. The same can be true of a freelancer.

Reasons to work with a graphic design agency
  • Well versed in dealing with large accounts.

  • The client isn't reliant on the health of one person for the successful completion of the design project.*

  • There is often a group of designers collaborating on ideas, offering a broad range of outcomes.

  • A list of prestigious, trustworthy client testimonials can be offered.

* If you choose All Ceasons Design for your project, you are never relient on my health to get your project completed on time. I have a group of other designers I work with in the case of illness. If something serious should ever happen to my health, it will not effect the completion of your project.
Reasons to work with a freelance graphic designer
  • From start to finish, the client is talking to the top creative designer on the job, so the project specifications don't need [to be] relayed before action is taken.

  • There are no separate account managers, senior creatives or junior designers, each with differing interpretations of the design brief.

  • The client is hiring the person responsible for 100% of the design portfolio

  • Client phone calls go directly to the designer working on the project — not a sales person or account manager.

  • With many freelancers working from home, they can often transfer considerable savings made through low overheads.

  • Design revisions can frequently be made almost immediately after the request.

  • Billing inquiries and delivery time frames can be clarified at the same time as specific design discussions.

Making a decision

The aim of this brief post is to look positively upon both agencies and freelancers. The fact that I list more pros for freelancers isn't purposely because I'm a self-employed designer, but because I believe it can be a more advantageous route for clients to pursue. Whether or not it's the most suitable option is another question, and depends upon individual projects and needs. Some of the worlds most respected graphic designers work in agencies, but that's not to say you won't find equally respected creatives working independently. Designers are successful because of a love of the craft..."