Where I've been and what I've been up to

  • I have an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Arts

  • 1995 - 2000 Fleming Companies

  • 2000 - 2004 Prizm Companies

  • 2004 to present - All Ceasons Design
in the beginning…

As a sophomore in high school I had a hole in my schedule that I needed to fill with something. Being a typical high school student I looked for an easy class that had some of my friends in it and found Graphic Arts 1. I had no idea what graphic arts entailed but thought I would be a good "blow off" class. This class changed my life when I realized how much fun it was. I quickly signed up for all the graphics classes that my high school offered and next thing you know, I was off to college to study graphic design. 16 years later and I have not lost any of the passion I have for my career choice.

While working for other agencies I learned a great deal. But often working in these conditions you get to design only a small part of a project and then everyone works together to finish the product. While that works great for companies with many designers I longed to take on more projects from start to finish and put my own touches on each aspect. Like most agency designers, I dabbled in freelance work on the side for friends, family and friends of family. But after 7 years of working for other agencies the requests for my freelance work began to take more and more of my "free" time and were more exciting for me to create. When I was lucky enough to have a husband who had a steady income, I was able to make the leap into freelancing full time.

and now…

I have learned a great deal more working for myself than I ever could have by working for someone else. I have also been blessed enough to make some dear friends also known as clients along the way. In my spare time I like to help out charities and non-profit organizations who also need design work done. As an animal lover, my favorite place to donate my time to is my local Humane Society. Animals who don't have families make me sad and I like to do anything I can to help these poor creatures.

Additionally, I love to learn new skills, tips and techniques. I take in all the classes, seminars, conferences, and on-line tutorials that I can. I am continually buying books, software and gadgets that are new to the graphic industry, to use in broadening my skills.